What is rewards vesting?

Vesting is a lockup model for incentivizing long-term users and tokenholders. All AKRO rewards come with vesting - they gradually unlock throughout the year after you earn them. You can find the total vested amount you got and unlocked amount in your Summary tab.
Unlocked amounts available for claiming are updated every two weeks. There is no timelimit for claiming. Read more on vesting mechanics here.

What's "Infinite unlock"?

Infinite unlock means that you preapprove the contract to be able to spend any amount of tokens when you interact with it. Enabling infinite unlock means that you approve spending tokens only once (thus reducing gas costs associated with signing “approve” transaction). Bear in mind - after enabling infinite unlock, all following transfers/deposit of the asset chosen won’t need approval - so please use it if you fully trust the contract.

General guide for interacting with pools:

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