Vortex v1 on Mainnet(s) - Guarded Launch

Vortex v1 will launch on both Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain mainnets in a decentralized way. The launch of Vortex v1 will be determined by the results of the governance proposal and will be subject to additional restrictions as part of the guarded launch.

Vortex v1 on Mainnet(s)

Full Release Following the successful guarded launch, Vortex v1 will have all user access limits lifted. Note that deposit limits will still be in place due to the product’s design.

Vortex v2

Improvements to Vortex v1 include, but are not limited to:
  • Higher deposit limits through wider asset pair exposure
  • Higher capital efficiency through integration of inverse contracts
  • Higher yields through new rewards and asset pairs.

Vortex Multi-Chain

Vortex will expand beyond Arbitrum and BSC and will be released on all major networks. The expansion priority will be based on the deployment, liquidity and activity of the perpetual exchanges of each network.

Vortex v3

Vortex v3 will integrate specific ALM vaults for the “long” position, allowing users to remain market neutral while also capturing trading fees with significant capital efficiency. This will be applicable to all chains where both Vortex and Uniswap v3 are live.

Vortex v4

Vortex v4 will be a single vault on each network, each with a “switcher”. This switcher will enable each vault to allocate deposits between many different underlying strategies (derived from its integrated exchanges and asset pairs). This format will simplify the user experience while also enabling the optimization of capital allocation and yield and the maximization of limits.